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Optimising Your Facebook Page - 6 Useful Tips

More and more emphasis is being placed on social media as potential customers are increasingly checking their favourite brand’s Facebook pages for special offers and promotions before making a purchase via the website.

As a savy brand and business, you are now aware of this shift – but are you doing everything you can to ensure that your Facebook page is occupying the top spots on search engines when relevant searches are being made? Digital marketing agency Intergage can help you to look at six ways in which you can optimise your page and steal those lucrative top slots away from your competitors!

Firstly – be aware that the name of your page, custom URL and custom tabs are all hugely valuable as the search engines see these titles in Heading 1 – ensure that they consistently contain keywords that are relevant to your products or service and if you are well known – your business name.

Similarly to traditional SEO, gaining high quality links from popular and trusted sources to your Facebook page and custom tabs is especially beneficial. These links are viewed as recommendations for your page by the search engines.

Use relevant keywords in your wall posts as this content is indexable – but more importantly, your custom tabs, as these are given more weight than wall posts and certainly have more longevity. Use heading 1 text where appropriate and provide links to your custom tabs from external sites.

Interestingly, Facebook “likes” are quite a significant ranking factor in Bing – building these likes is certainly a easy and effective way to improve the ranking of your Facebook content in this search engine especially, as well as Google and Yahoo.

Avoid putting relevant, keyword rich text within images on custom tabs – it won’t be indexed. Put this text onto the About and Info tabs but don’t go overboard! It’s important to remember that Facebook is primarily for social connection and interaction – keyword stuffed copy wont please your fans!

Finally – don’t forget to optimise your multimedia because the titles are heavily weighted by the search engines. Ensure that you give your videos good keyword rich titles and do the same on sites such as YouTube to maintain consistency.

If you would like to know more about Facebook advertising or any other aspect of Web marketing, call our friendly team today on 0845 456 1022.

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