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NEW Google Algorithm Update - The Penguin Strikes Again

Google confirmed this weekend that Penguin 3.0 has been rolled out – the first Penguin update since October 17th 2013 – a full year ago.

First launched in April 2012, Google created the Penguin update to catch sites who were gaining links to their domain using unethical methods. For example buying links or obtaining them through link networks – nowadays this is known as black hat SEO.

Sites which relied on these links to keep high positions in the search engine rankings would have noticed a significant drop in their online visibility – resulting in a decrease in visits to the site.

20TH googleIn the two years since Penguin’s first release, there have been 4 (and now 5) subsequent updates, all with varying levels of impact (impact is defined as the total amount of search queries that will appear differently because of the update). We are yet to find out the impact of Penguin 3.0.

What to Expect

If your site has a large number of unethically sourced links, you should expect to see a drop in your natural ranking, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in visits to your site through lower visibility in the search engine results.

It is also worth noting that if you have in the past year (since the last Penguin update), disavowed any ‘bad’ links, this is when you will see the results. Google have previously explained that it is only when the algorithm updates are rolled out that sites who have gained or lost spammy links will see a difference to their visibility.

What next?

Check your Google analytics over the coming days and check to see if there are any changes to your site visits. If you notice a significant drop in the number of organic visitors, you may have been hit.

We understand that algorithm updates are not the easiest of topics to digest! If you’re worried your site may be suffering from the latest update – or indeed any of the previous ones – we are here to help you.

Give us a call on 0845 456 1022 or contact us online.

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