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Musings Mostly On Mobile

In my role as digital account director, a lot of customers ask me what their priorities should be when they are looking at their digital strategy. The answer always depends on what they are trying to achieve. But for anyone who hasn’t yet applied a responsive design to their website, I always recommend that this should be a high priority. And here’s why:

1) This is Google’s recommended configuration (as it says on their developers website)

2) You can’t afford to ignore the usability of 20%(+) of your audience

3) It’s a great chance to apply a refresh to the site

Google recommends that every URL on your site should be accessible from desktops or mobile devices. The only thing that should determine the presentation of that URL should be the width of the browser that is viewed from. The website should use CSS to work out how to display it in the browser at that width.

Check it out here: https://developers.google.com/webmasters/smartphone-sites/

More and more people are accessing the web from tablets and mobiles. Why not check your traffic this year to see what percentage of it comes from tablets and mobiles? In Google Analytics, set the date range to be from the start of January and click “Apply”.

Then go to this menu for the overview of devices used to access the site. This will show you the percentage break down of your audience. As you can see in this example there is close to 29% of the entire audience accessing the website from either tablets or mobile phones.

analytics menu-e1402046302976

On average, most of the customers’ Analytics that I see seem to be between 12% and 32%, and that percentage is still growing. So if you know that 20% plus of your traffic is not enjoying an optimised easy navigation of your website, you’d want to put that right, right? And lastly, if you are having the templates rebuilt on your website, it’s a great chance to tidy up your home page, or even consider a mini-makeover.

Take a look at some of these recently re-built sites:




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