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Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting - It's Finally Here

Consider this – you have decided to buy a new camera and will now spend several weeks researching the best models. During this time you may visit potential sites directly, enter various search terms into Google, follow links from specialist blogs or click on Google adwords adverts – all of this research will help you to decide which camera will best suit your needs. The time has now come to make your purchase. How will you now navigate to the “buy now”  page of your chosen site? The chances are that you will go direct or via a search engine listing – and it is this traffic source that  will be attributed the “sale” when the Webmaster of the site you are buying from comes to analyse his/her  monthly stats.

But this doesn’t give the Webmaster the true story of your journey. You may have originally found his site by a number of other sources and until now, Google analytics has not been able to lift the lid on the full  journey to conversion.

Marketeers that have been  measuring return on investment solely by  the last channel that a customer uses before conversion are getting an incomplete picture and potentially not capitalising upon traffic sources that are working extremely hard during the conversion journey but not getting any of the credit. All that hard work spent on search engine optimisation or pay per click management may not be justly recognised if all that is being analysed is the final click of the journey.

The great news is that Google Analytics has now finally launched Multi-Channel Funnels to all users. This set of five reports will at last give Web masters insight into the complete path to conversion over a 30 day period. Marketers will now be able to understand how different mediums are working together to create sales and leads – perhaps that specialist blog that you posted on last month or a directory that you are trialling for three months was responsible for the initial introduction of your site to a potential customer, even if their final click to buy was prompted by a Google adwords advert.

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Itching to go and have a look? As long as you have goals or e-commerce tracking enabled in your Google Analytics account you can begin your analysis today! Simply click on the My Conversions tab within analytics and if you are an AdWords customer, be sure to link your Adwords and Analytics accounts to gain the most insight into your adverts performance.

Here is a video from Google explaining how to use Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analyticshttp: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ2RbGsuy3U

If you would like to know more about Google Analytics or any other aspect of our Web marketing services, get in touch with our friendly digital marketing agency team today on 0845 456 1022.

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