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Motivated Employees-The Key To Your Business Success (part 2)

Following on from my first blog,  part 1,  I would now like to share with you the next 8 lessons for your business and personal success:

Lesson 9 The habit of doing more than paid for

Make sure that you exceed the expectations of your manager, colleagues, and customers. A little bit of extra work will not hurt but it will be much appreciated in a long run.

Lesson 10 Pleasing personality

“What is an attractive personality? A personality that attracts…”

Customers buy from people who they trust. Employees want to be around individuals that are easy to communicate with. Be understanding and try to put yourself in someone else’s situation. Because their point of view is different than yours it doesn’t mean that you both can’t be right.

Lesson 11 Accurate Thought

team-pink“Accurate thought involves two fundamentals: separating facts from information and then separating the important facts from the not important facts”

You need to have an open mind for new ideas that are presented by other colleagues or customers. So many people believe that “they know it all” and what they know is the norm. However the norm is just a set of beliefs that in other environment might be completely different than yours.

Lesson 12 Concentration

“Concentration is nothing but a matter of control of the attention”

Concentrate on the most important projects and don’t fill up your diary completely. For more management tips read the top 10 time management mistakes.

Lesson 13 Co-operation

123“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, and working together is a success”

– Henry Ford

Team work might be challenging at times because of many reasons: culture, age etc. Make sure that you do not discriminate your colleagues. Help that “shy” person in your team to shine. Very often that person can give you an interesting idea, their just need a little bit of encouragement.

Lesson 14 Failure

As Robert Kiyosaki famously said “Don’t waste the good mistakes learn from them! “

I couldn’t agree more! Doesn’t matter who you are you are always going to make mistakes. Everyone makes them but not everyone learn from them. Learn from yours and don’t pretend they didn’t happen.  Bad news travels much faster than the good one. In today’s social media world, within seconds millions of customers can find out that something went wrong with your brand. Do not delete the negative comment from Facebook! Act fast,solve the problem and show your customer that you really care for their positive experience.

Lesson 15 Tolerance

“The bitterest Intolerance grows out of racial and religious differences of opinion, as the result of early childhood training”

Be respectful to your colleagues and customers. You are working for your mutual success. Give your business a favour and research your customer’s culture before you try to sell to them. Look at the websites such as www.kwintessential.co.uk/ where you can easily find out about the country that your customer comes from. You would be surprised how it can help you to understand your customer’s needs and desires!

Lesson 16 The Golden Rule

“Treat customers in the way that you would like to be treated”

Be ethical, understanding and most of all find out what is the insight to customer satisfaction. Be there to help them, train them. Build the relationship.

Customers who like you will talk to you, but customers who trust you will buy from you.

Look out for the next blog .You will find out about subjects that will help you to understand your audience, engage your customers and create a successful brand.

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