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Motivated Employees-The Key To Your Business Success (part 1)

“The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does"
Napoleon Hill

Following from the previous blog Employee Engagement we take a closer look on how motivated employees impact your business.

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At Intergage we read, we motivate each other and we constantly improve our skill set as employees to be able to give you the customer service that you deserve.

Most of us feel successful in certain areas of our personal and professional life but there is always room for improvement.

I am extremely passionate about the personal development and I believe in a life long learning process . We learn from our colleagues, employees and most importantly we learn from our customers. Let’s put “The law of success in 16 Lessons” written by Napoleon Hill  into today’s business perspective.

Lesson 1 The Mastermind

“meaning a mind that is developed through harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any task given”

At Intergage we constantly brainstorm new ideas, invite motivational speakers for our lunch time learning sessions, we learn, we train and we broaden our horizons all the time to be able to serve our customers best interest.

Lesson 2 A Definite Chief Aim

“it is most appalling to know that 95% of the people are drifting aimlessly through life …”

It is extremely important to research what your customers really want and need. Find the best solution to their problem rather than just trying to sell your services.

Lesson 3 Self-confidence

“starts with the elimination of this demon called fear which whispers” You can’t do it!“

There are always projects that will be more challenging than others. Stay positive and confident. Show your customers that you are excited about their project and of course you will find the solution to their problem and then exceed their expectations!

Lesson 4 The Habit Of Saving

“It is obvious to all that saving of money is one of the essentials to success”

After twenty years of research Napoleon Hill discovered that most of people that succeeded in business were people who learned the habit of saving 20% of what they’ve earned! Keep it for the rainy days.

Lesson 5 Initiative and Leadership

”Initiative is doing the right things without being told”

As an employee, make sure that you follow the corporate objectives and company values. Be the social employee and brand advocate and use LinkedinFacebook to show that you are part of amazing team! You can read how to do that in one of the  Intergage earlier blogs Sleeping social satellites.

Lesson 6 Imagination

”Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere “ Albert Einstein

Be imaginative, think outside a box! Many companies try to encourage clients to buy their products or services that customers might not even need! Instead you should “put the customer hat on” Think about their company,their culture and their personality.


Lesson 7  Enthusiasm 

“ is the state of mind that inspires…it does more than this , it is contagious!”

Make sure that you show enthusiasm to other employees, your managers and most importantly to your customers!

Lesson 8 Self control

“ If you neglect to exercise self- control, you are not only likely to injure others, but you are sure to injure yourself!”

Be patient with your colleagues and customers. Be clear and straight to the point.  Engage your customers in creating their own project!

Look out for the second part of the blog where you are going to find out about the next 8 laws that are proven to work for your personal and business success. In a mean time take a look at Intergage blog and stay in touch with a current digital trends.

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