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Our team of marketing experts work with you to understand your aims and objectives and find creative marketing products and services that appeal to your target audience.  From targeted planning, emotive messaging and branded design concepts to implementing specific marketing activities, we understand how to get your business seen and understood by the right people.

Graphic Design

We are proud of our design team at Intergage, who consistently delight customers with their stunning and user-focused concepts. We have strong print-based design skills and experience as well as digital graphic design disciplines. 

We can design to any brief, using our experience and a range of tested techniques to give your marketing materials a professional look and feel that delivers results.

Video Production

Video is everywhere and for good reason - you can pass your message across quickly and effectively through the emotional power of film. No other medium gives you the same return on investment. At Intergage we are creating an increasingly large number of videos and animations to cater to this growing communication channel.


It’s often said that a picture can say a thousand words and that people make their first impressions in 5 seconds. Although these clichés are well used, there is also truth to the fact that images can be used to promote your business and communicate your brand, product or message quickly and effectively. At Intergage our creative team work with clients on a regular basis to capture their business, team and offering on film.

Virtual Sales Presentation

The Virtual Sales Presentation or VSP is a cloud based tool that allows you to sell your products or communicate corporate information using a combination of e-mail, video and direct physical mail. VSPs give you the power to target new customers, bring in new business and showcase your company and products.

Ideal for both high and low value products, our professionally produced, cost-effective VSP uses the emotional power of film and trained actors to get real, measurable results.

   Creative Direction

At Intergage we believe in a collaborative and creative approach to marketing. Our creative marketing consultants can work with you to develop bespoke marketing concepts, messaging and campaigns to meet any objective.


The key to successful advertising, whether that is in print or online,  is to ensure it is targeted, uses the correct messaging, is well branded and can be tracked. At Intergage we work with you from the media planning stage through to the advert design, placement and tracking.


Public Relations is about reputation; the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. When done well, it can positively influence opinion and behaviour. Our PR experts know how to find the stories you need to tell and how to tell them effectively.


Choosing the right words is crucial when representing your business: It tells your story, sets you apart from your competitors and helps to grow your business. At Intergage, we work closely with our clients to develop their key messages, tone of voice and advise how best to implement them across their business.

Event Marketing

Our team is highly experienced in delivering successful events. From developing a guest list and managing the details during the run up to your event, to providing support on the day and completing follow-up plans. Our expertise and knowledge means that your event will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Affinity & Community Marketing

We understand the importance of developing on-going relationships with the local community and businesses. At Intergage we can work with you to develop a strategic plan to engage with businesses with the same interests and nurture a more intergrated role in the community. 

Email Campaigns

At Intergage, we know that a targeted, cleansed and segmented database is essential to any email marketing campaign. Combined with well defined marketing messages and appropriate branding, an email can be an effective way of communicating with both existing customers and targets. Whether you are looking to deliver a regular newsletter or targeted product and services updates, Intergage can support from creating the database, planning the messages and visuals through to implementation.

Direct Mail & Lumpymail

The average person received hundreds of emails a day, but barely one letter, therefore Direct mail can make you stand out from the crowd. Our experience of working with clients to deliver highly targeted direct mail campaigns means we understand when and where to use direct mail to get a real return on your investment.


There is no substitute for speaking directly to your target audience. Whether you are looking at lead generation, building a database, gathering feedback or looking to improve your services, Intergage can facilitate those essential conversations or build them into creative campaigns.

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