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Marketing As a Journey - Part 1 of 5

The “New” Intergage – to be launched in the summer of 2014 will be a blend of traditional and our established digital marketing services. The idea is to offer a one stop shop to the ambitious and growing businesses throughout the South of England.

Our aim is still to be the most recommended agency of our type in every territory that we operate in but thanks to the acquisition of both Tasty Marketing and the team and customers from EC Design (a Bournemouth and Ware based Integrated Creative Agency) Intergage is now extending both its territory and its service offering.

Intergage will now be all about excellence in every aspect of marketing and we want to be as useful as possible to each business we service on their entire marketing journey.
For simplicity’s sake we have created a circular map for the growing business to use as a reference guide. This map represents the marketing journey and how a growing business needs to periodically re-visit every element of its marketing to continually optimise performance.


The map is split into 4 distinct “Lands” through which our journey will take place:

  • The land of planning
  • The land of preparation
  • The land of execution
  • The land of review

This journey may take a year to complete – simply because most corporate budgets and plans are reviewed annually – but every step on the journey builds on the next so no one step can be missed out.

At Intergage we will be able to assist our clients at each and every stage of this exciting journey and we have a wealth of expertise both in-house and via strategic partnerships, that means the entire solution can be delivered from one Partner.
Intergage has a unique approach to delivering for its Partners and nothing has changed there.

  • We can train you to do these things yourself
  • We can do them for you
  • We can act as consultants and guides through the journey – helping your team achieve more.

Look out for even more Training courses, Director Briefings and Seminars coming your way in 2014 fromIntergage – Your Perfect Marketing Partner.

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