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Manage the Sharing of Social Media Content across Platforms using Google+

Google+ has, and will continue to fuel many a debate, discussion and opinion. With one of the main objections or concerns raised being “….not another social media channel for me to manage…”

This is an all too familiar opinion or concern I hear from Intergage clients. Whether their enquiry relates to should they attend the Google+ training workshop, or at their regular website review meeting with their account manager.

 “I’ve just managed to understand and use Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter, now I need to consider and use Google+ as well!” they exclaim in exasperation.

The good news is once they have attended the Google+ training workshop, or read the Intergage blog, or come to an Intergage seminar; then their reservations are quickly dissolved to be replaced by a new found enthusiasm for the importance and value of the latest player in the social web!

Social media management tools are many, with Hootsuite being a popular choice. These software tools allow the simple management and control of the majority of your social media profiles and pages from one interface, offering the ability to broadcast a single message across your chosen social media platforms.

An enhanced new feature within Google+ and Google Chrome is the ability to share public posts on Google+ to a whole plethora of social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Digg, Blogger and Live Journal to name but a few, with many other options for more niche social sharing options available also. As you will notice on the image below, within my Google+ Stream I have chosen to have share options to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg and Pinterest.

rr-1024x563Additionally other options or choices within Google Chrome allow you to add a ‘Reply to Author’button so you can directly engage and comment with the author of the post. Or add a ‘Reply’ link next to comments you post.

Notifications (comments, shares, +1’s etc.) can be displayed within your browser, within Google+ and now additionally as desktop notifications.

So with the many benefits and options available, plus Google+ being the fastest growing social media platform, enhancements like Extended Share can only make the user experience better and better.

Here at digital marketing agency Intergage, we continue to monitor advice and suggest best uses on Google+. If you want to find out more about Google+

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