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Live Tweeting: Why You Should Tweet While Watching TV

Your business is missing out on some powerful synergy between new and old media.

Put simply: Twitter + TV = big bucks.

9474487682 5a12fc9d4djan13The most overt sign of the Twitter/TV hook-up is the growing proliferation of hashtags during ads and programmes.

But you’d be wrong to dismiss this as a ‘big boys only’ club for budget-bloated corporates and nerdy digital marketing agencies.

SMEs can still benefit – if they delve deeply and cannily enough…

Hmmm Interesting, What’s It All About?

More and more TV viewers are tweeting about their favourite programmes while they watch. Let’s call it ‘TVeeting’ (to distinguish it from other forms of live tweeting such as tweeting during a gig).

‘TVeeting’ is happening bigtime. Twitter claims:

  • 60% of the UK’s 10 million active tweeps use Twitter while watching TV
  • 40% of all UK Twitter traffic around peak time is about TV
  • 90% of online conversations about TV are on Twitter

Here are a couple examples:

  • Made In Chelsea, E4 (October 15 2012) – 2,917 tweets/minute (hitting a peak of 7,089)*
  • Homeland, Channel 4 (October 28 2012) – 421 tweets/minute (peaking at 587).*

OK, So How Does My Business Benefit?

You can capitalise on popular trends – such as Made In Chelsea, the X Factor or TOWIE to engage with audiences (especially if the programmes tackle issues).

Target the issues! When TV airs issues, it gathers together like-minded people (or rather it corals opposing opinions so they can slug it out in public).

If your products or services address the problems experienced by the viewers, then you have a ready-made free audience at your fingertips. All it takes is a few hashtags.

Panorama is a classic example. ‘TVeeting’ occurs during the programme then tweets continue long after the programme has finished. It’s a nice big window to talk about serious issues with an audience that appreciates them.

Predict patterns! Films can have unique ‘tweet pattern profiles’ that reoccur.

‘Tweet patterns’ for the Liam Neeson movie Taken were virtually the same when it was shown on multiple occasions. Different dates, different times, different channels – but the same pattern. (Finally…a reason to love repeats!)

And if you can predict something accurately, you can benefit from it. How many security firms will muscle in on the action next time Taken is shown by TVeeting/tweeting with the hashtag #taken?

Predict the future! OK, no-one can predict the future 100% accurately…but Twitter can give you some intriguing clues.

Take the X Factor for instance. In the final there were 1.12 million tweets from 505,000 unique tweeps.

  • Which contestant got the most Twitter mentions on day one? James.
  • Who generated the three big TVeeting peaks during the final? James.
  • Who won? James.
  • Who will win next time? Could it possibly be the contestant who gets the most mentions on day one?

Exciting isn’t it? (Even if ordinarily you couldn’t give a monkey’s about mass market TV).

Need help putting together a Twitter strategy? Or perhaps some web marketing training to hone the skills of your in-house team?

You know who to call…

Get in touch with Intergage Marketing Manager Emma Barrow on 0845 456 1022.

* Source – SecondSync 2012

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