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Know Your Customers: How The Dreaded D-Word Can Help

How painstaking were you with the stats when you created the customer personas central to your content marketing?

We all know that personas are vital to a successful optimised content marketing strategy. After all, it’s no good pulling the trigger without first taking aim.

You’ll drive better quality traffic to your website if all your press releases, blog posts and social updates are lovingly crafted to suit your various target market audiences.

Personalisation breeds trust.

RF WebProfileImage-e1397663566368That means really getting inside your customers’ heads. Knowing exactly what makes them tick – addressing specific markets and creating personas that accurately reflect them.

Age, gender, geographical location, seniority, experience, socio-economic group, purchasing requirements, buying patterns, behaviour, goals, skills, attitudes, environment, what they love, what they don’t…the list seems endless.

Purchasing history, experience and anecdotal evidence all play a part in creating these personas.

Even plain old gut instinct can rear its head. Apple founder the late Steve Jobs once argued that Alexander Graham Bell did no market research before inventing the telephone.

But here at Intergage we love numbers. To several decimal places if possible please.

It’s important to test and retest long-held assumptions – and this is where Google’s Display network can help. Yes, I used the dreaded ‘D’ word but do not be afraid.

Display lets you target by topics, interests, locations, language, keywords, placements, gender and age.


Trouble is, getting results with Google’s Display network is not as easy as it is with the Search network. It takes time and patience.

Display has been known to reduce some newcomers to gibbering wrecks. Symptoms include ravaged budgets, pent-up rage and lupine howls of anguish.

Clickthrough rates lower than a snail’s belly. Cash-hungry broad keywords running wild. You know the score.

So it’s understandable that Display can make some people skittish. Especially if they adopted into it by accident/failing to spot Google’s tricky default campaign setting.

‘Once bitten twice shy’ as the legendary Ian Hunter so aptly put it.

But Display doesn’t have to be frustrating. It can be a good source of age and gender data that can be sliced and diced by time, conversions, click type and even +1 annotations using the fab ‘segment’ button.

It rewards you with solid numbers that will either underpin your assumptions or blow them out of the water.

There’s a real skill to using Display because it depends on so much more than keywords and what you’re used to in Search.

But get good at knowing your customers in Display and all that knowledge and skill will filter into other aspects of your marketing. Persevere. It’s worth it.

Still nervous about Display? Benefit from the experience of our specialist digital marketing team.

They can help by managing your Google AdWords or by sharing their knowledge with PPC consultancy geared specifically to your business goals.

Contact us today – tell us how we can help you.

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