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Keep your friends close, but Google closer.

Organic Search can be a tough nut to crack but dominating the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) is an important branding exercise.

We all use search engines almost without thinking about it and many of your clients or potential clients will Google your company rather than type in your domain directly.

By adopting some basic SEO techniques you will help ensure that a search of your company name will result in your website ranking higher in Google, but what other content will rank?

For most “brand related” queries, Google is intelligent enough to know the user is either looking for contact information or wants to research your company a bit more.

In general the types of pages that you’ll likely find indexed on Google will include:

  • Social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Shops or resellers of your product/reviews of your product or service such as Trip Advisor
  • YouTube content – You’ll often see YouTube videos for “what is…” and “how to…” search queries but it is favoured for brand related terms too
  • Wikipedia ranks for most terms that are general for example ‘lemons’ or ‘tea’ however for more specific terms such as ‘double glazing’ and ‘ceiling lights’, Wikipedia does not dominate
  • Google Adwords ads will usually be found with the top 3 (and top 2 on mobile) ads being the most prominent. A further 6 ads can be found down the right-hand side.

How Do I dominate the search results?

There are a few ways of dominating SERPS such as following an optimised content marketing strategy and PPC hijacking.

The optimised content marketing strategy led approach

An optimised marketing strategy is one that focuses on creating quality expert content, which users want to share and promote via social media channels.

One of the ways to follow an optimised content marketing strategy is by starting at the source and optimising the Meta data for your corporate website. By doing this you are increasing the chances of Google finding and indexing your pages for specific keyword terms.

The optimisation doesn’t stop there; one of the biggest aspects of a content marketing strategy is creating quality expert content which you will also need to optimise. This could be anything from a video, white paper, blog or even an infographic; once you have optimised your content then you need to share that content on social media channels.

The PPC hijacking led approach

PPC hijacking is the only real way to ethically steal the limelight from a higher ranking competitor in the search engines. You can attempt to hijack competitors’ traffic by creating adverts for competitor related search terms and sponsoring those search terms, so that your advert will show above their organic listing.

By hijacking this traffic, every time a user searches ‘the blue company’ you can sponsor the term so that an ad comes up for you ‘the red company’. Hijacking PPC traffic is a good way to entice people who may already be set on a particular brand to try yours as a substitute.

If you would like any more information on how to befriend Google, then contact Sam Fish on 0845 456 1022.

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