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It's Time To Take LinkedIn Showcase Pages Seriously

LinkedIn logo initialsLast week Brodie informed you of LinkedIn’s announcement that they will be removing the Products & Services tab from Company pages as of the 14th of April. With many businesses using this feature as the primary way to source testimonials and recommendations, the significance of the change should not be underestimated.

We have 230 recommendations on our LinkedIn page. They’ve been seen by thousands of potential customers, which as you can imagine is an extremely powerful marketing tool on and offline.

So what do company page administrators do now? Well, here’s what LinkedIn recommend:

“While Products & Services is going away, companies can get more visibility for their products and services by using Showcase Pages and Company Updates as an alternative for sharing content.”

LinkedIn is encouraging users to use the platform more heavily for content creation with the release of showcase page as well as its new blogging and content insights features.

What are Showcase Pages?

Simply put, they are pages dedicated to specific products or services linked to your main company page. So let’s say you’re a marketing agency – you might have one for ‘Web Design Examples’, one for Content Marketing and maybe one for Brand Creation Services (of course I’ve stolen those from our very own LinkedIn page – check them out here).

Businesses who offer a range of products and services often have very different messages depending on the one they’re talking about. So staying relevant by posting all of these messages in the one LinkedIn company page can be a challenge and an easy way to alienate segments of your audience.

Showcase pages are the solution – giving you individual pages to post content that’s targeted at the right audience for specific products or services. This allows you to focus on content related to the entirety of your business on your main company page.

They look and feel similar to main LinkedIn company pages. They have a unique logo and cover photo and can be followed by a user as a separate entity to the main page.

Each page comes with its own analytics tool helping you understand your engagement, data trends and the demographics of those interacting with the page.

LinkedIn allows you 10 showcases pages per company page and if that’s not enough, you can contact them to request more if it’s appropriate to your business.

How do I create a Showcase Page?

Don’t worry, this is the easy part. Just head to your company page. Go to the blue ‘Edit’ drop down menu in the top right of the page and choose ‘Create a Showcase Page’. Then just follow the instructions by adding your images and your page description.

Then start posting!

An Important Caveat

LinkedIn have said they will be monitoring showcase pages closely and pages that don’t see regular updates will be removed.

So before you create a page, make sure you have the resources to keep it up-to-date with relevant product and industry updates. As always, we recommend you create an editorial plan for all of your social platforms before the beginning of every month to ensure you’ve got your content pre-prepared (be sure to post reactively to news as well).

Where Do You Get Recommendations Now?

At this stage LinkedIn haven’t stated that the feature will be added to showcase pages in anyway so unfortunately you’ll need to look elsewhere.

There are a variety of third party review platforms available, however when it comes to harnessing the power of social media to gain recommendations – I suggest using Google+.

Google trusts Google+ above all other platforms – get good reviews there and you may just see a positive impact on your SEO efforts.

Whether we like it or not, we’ve got to say bye-bye to the Product & Services tab and hello to Showcase pages. Yes, they will require more management but the opportunity to create targeted content for each product or service could present a powerful engagement tool.

If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn or any of the main social platforms, why not come to one of our digital marketing workshops? Call us today for more information on 0845 456 1022, or contact us online.

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