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Is Your Social Media Marketing Working?

Use The Social Visitor Flow Report To Understand More.

It’s widely accepted that social media is a crucial element of the modern marketing strategy. From building brand awareness to directly interacting with your customers – using social media marketing is integral to your online marketing strategy.

So what do we do next? Analyse, analyse, analyse! It’s no good putting in precious time and resources and not analysing whether your efforts are driving traffic.

Google Analytics offers free social media reporting – allowing us to understand which platforms are driving traffic and leads as well as showing us how these visitors are interacting with our website.

Google+ is, unsurprisingly, the platform which offers complete social reporting as it is fully integrated with Google Analytics.

First we want to discover which platforms are driving that all important traffic.

Before we could use the advance segments and create a report which segmented the specific traffic being bought in by specific platforms. The Social Visitors Flow report is a new visual presentation which not only shows us which platform is driving the most traffic but how this traffic is navigating your website once it is there! 


The report shows the top social referring platform, the top landing pages (starting pages) and also the page drop-off rate. By understanding the drop off rate (shown in red) you can understand the platforms that are driving qualified traffic and are likely to convert.

Here you can hover over the specific platform and discover the drop off rate of each traffic source – provided is a percentage comparison which allows you to measure what is working and what is not.


This report is showing us that the majority of traffic is coming through from LinkedIn to the home page of the website. By clicking on the landing page (or starting page) we can clearly see the social traffic comparison of our social media platforms (see below). 


The Social Flow report demonstrates the visitors’ landing page and up to 5 following interactions. This allows you to understand the most common paths, where the user is losing interest in your site and whether they’re heading down your conversion funnel.

If you would like to know more about using Google Analytics for your business please check out our workshopsor contact us to discuss a consultancy.

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