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Is Twitter Part Of The Customer Service Team?

Whenever I deliver Twitter training, the most common question is ‘What do we tweet about’? It’s a good question, because a well-maintained Twitter feed is what users are beginning to expect when they land on a company’s account now.

So how should you use Twitter?

  • twitter 5thConverse, network, reply with users
  • Announcing news (‘stop the press!’)
  • Live Tweeting from or about events
  • Industry News
  • Research and prospecting
  • Ask questions, do polls, get feedback
  • Offers, discounts, deals
  • Answer questions, share answers to FAQs

However it’s the final one on this list that I want to talk about – as some interesting stats have recently hit the news.

70% of surveyed Twitter users expect a response from brands they reach out to on Twitter and of those users, 53% want that response in under an hour.The figure jumps to 65% for those who expect a response in less than 2 hours.

What can we tell from this? People are using social media more and more as a form of contacting a business. Without us realising, the Twitter account is becoming an extension of the customer service department.

Large brands have already acknowledged this, by creating specific accounts purely for customer queries. Amazon have @AmazonHelp, John Lewis have @JLcustserv and of course Twitter have their own, which can be found at @Support.

The understanding of this user behaviour is simple – people want to connect with businesses in a more social ‘human to human’ way. We’re no longer seeing the divide of B2B or B2C, and this is evidence of that.

So, what is the next move for smaller businesses? Will they begin to adopt this new form of customer service, or will the good old fashioned enquiry form and ‘help’ email address stand strong?

If your business receives a lot of enquiries which can be simply answered in a short space of time, why not consider this new approach? A quick response on a platform a lot of people are familiar with could mean you can get through those enquires quicker, in a more social informal way.

This new concept is still in its infancy, so it will be really interesting to keep track of it and see how it changes. As more and more businesses start to conduct customer service tasks through social media, more and more people are beginning to expect it.

However, it comes with a word of caution – as the research suggests, you will need to reply quickly, to keep those users happy!

Feel a bit lost when it comes to Twitter? Or do you perhaps want to brush up on your existing knowledge? We offer group workshops and bespoke training – get in contact today.

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