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How To Link Your Google+ Company Page To Your Website And Why You Should Do It Now

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ allows you to make a page for your business. As with other social networks a Google+ page allows your customers to connect with your business and gives you an opportunity to engage them with your brand message, company news, special offers and alike. Google+ is still growing so your page likely won’t have quite the same reach as a Facebook or Twitter account but it does come with an added benefit of allowing you to link your Google+ company page to your web site which comes with a number of perks; here are just a few of them:

6310387682 7181225b47 omar12Cumulative +1’s

We know that Google is using the number of +1s a website has as one of the signals for its search results and potentially the quality score that governs the cost of paid ads in AdWords. Anything you can do to boost that score is going to be beneficial. By linking your company’s Google+ profile to your website you’re telling Google that these 2 things are the same entity; this means Google is able to credit +1s that you accumulate on your website to your Google+ page and that the popularity of your Google+ page has the ability to positively affect your position in search results.

Search plus your world

Google’s latest social update to it’s search engine means it is able to prioritise content that is recommended by friends or produced by companies that the searcher is connected to on Google+. Establishing a connection between your Google+ page and your website means that your website is more likely to be found by customers who are connected to you on Google+ or who have friends that are connected to you on Google+.

Direct Connect

Google’s Direct Connect feature allows users to access your Google+ page directly from Google search by putting a plus symbol at the start of a search query; for example a Google search for “+Google”, “+T-Mobile” or “+Oxfam GB” will take you directly to the Google+ profiles of those organisations (in fact you only need actually type “+g” “+t” or “+o” for those particular organisations). Customers arriving at a Google+ profile using the + operator are also asked to add the page to their circles by default so it can be a great way to increase your reach in Google+ and engage your users.

Make your paid search results more social

Once you have established the link between your Google+ profile and your website, you can then use social extensions in Google AdWords. This AdWords feature displays the number of +1’s associated with both the landing page of that advert and your Google+ page adding weight to your adverts. These social extensions have been shown to boost click through rates on ads and allow your Google+ page to accumulate +1’s directly from the ad.

So how do you link your page to your website?

Connecting your Google+ page to your web site is a 2 step process:

1. Ensure that your Home page URL appears on your Google+ Page: In the about section there is a space for ‘Website’ and ‘Recommended links’ we would advise putting the URL for your home page in both of these sections and adding any other significant pages to your Recommended links while you’re at it.

2. Add a link to your Google+ profile to your home page, this should be done in the Header section between the two <Head> tags and you need to put the following

<link href=”https://plus.google.com/[YOUR G+ ID]” rel=”publisher”>

Where [YOUR G+ ID] is replaced by your Google+ page’s unique ID (this can be found in the URL of your Google+ Page and will look something like this “109893442394657152538”), for instance the Intergage home page should have the following line in the header:

<link href=”https://plus.google.com/109893442394657152538″ rel=”publisher”>

To test that this has been done correctly you can use Google’s Rich Snippits testing tool which can be found at www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets

Google is quick to stress that it makes no guarantees regarding how quickly the link between the two will be established or if you will appear in direct connect but there’s definitely no harm in being an early adopter.

Here at digital marketing agency Intergage, we have experts on specialised subjects. Mine is Google+. For more information on Google+ why not book a place on the brand new Intergage Google+ training workshophere or give us a call on 0845 456 1022.

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