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How To Advertise Your Google+ Page

Google have always stated that there will never be advertising on Google+ and, thankfully, they have stayed true to this promise. So how do you go about promoting your Google+ Page?

The best way, as with any social media marketing, is through great content and an active presence on the network. Circle likeminded profiles and pages, curate and create industry-relevant content and engage in discussion – plussers really are a friendly bunch!

But what if you want to cheat a little?

Well Google now allow businesses to promote their G+ Page using Adwords Express. For those unaware of Adwords Express – it’s similar to your more traditional paid search but automated. So Google choose where your adverts appear and to which market, be it on Google Maps or other pages on the Display Network.

Obviously this is limited and will in no way yield the same results as an effective paid search campaign but it is a quick way for small businesses to promote themselves quickly across different Google platforms.

Part of the reason for Google to do this is to promote Google+ Local, which is similar to a Google Places listing (for businesses with a fixed location) but with more functionality (more space for details about your business, reviews, etc). A G+ Local page is a must for SMEs who want to rank for localised search queries.

Want a more controlled approach?

Another option to promote your Google+ page is through an ad extension. Ad extensions allow you to add some extra information to your advert to encourage a click. A lot of Intergage’s paid search clients opt for a call extension, which is great for mobile users who want to make a quick call rather than click on the ad and read about the product or service.


 The Google+ ad extension is a small, unobtrusive G+ button which allows the user to follow the page from the search results. Google+ followers allow you to promote your lovely, shareable content for free, as well as having any links indexed by Google and helping you and your business rank for the search queries you’re targeting.

Get in touch with a member of the Intergage team if you want to delve into the world of paid search advertising or Google+ on 0845 456 1022.

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