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Have You Discovered Signal In LinkedIn Yet?

“What……errr……. not sure……too busy…” are all too common response to a brilliant new feature in LinkedIn, which in my opinion is not a ‘nice have’ but a ‘must have’.

LinkedIn Logo.svgThe reason I can be so bold with this statement is the fact that if you are utilising and harnessing the business opportunities LinkedIn offers you and your business. Then even if you are only using the number one business networking tool to a small percentage of its functionality and features; Signal is your filtering lens that you need.

To find Signal from your home page, just navigate to the News heading in the main menu and then from the choices click Signal. “What is LinkedIn Signal” I hear you ask! In short it is a real time search of keywords or subjects across LinkedIn and Twitter. Showing and displaying results that you can customise and filter to produce the exact detail you require.

Let me give you an example. Your LinkedIn home page can at times become busy and cluttered dependent on a number of factors:

  • Volume and frequency of updates from your connections
  • Time of the day and how regularly you check your LinkedIn home page
  • Number of “shouters” and “noise” on your home page, dependent on your preference settings

All or some of these factors could mean that important updates or information is being lost amongst the noise or becomes too time consuming for you to find the information you are looking for.

If I wanted to search for information or opportunities on a particular search phrase or keyword, ‘digital marketing’ for example. I enter this phrase within the search box and it returns 47,498 updates across LinkedIn and Twitter.

But I can then filter and refine these 47,498 results by a number of factors:

  • Network – by 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree connections.
  • Company – it lists the results by company
  • Location – country and selected cities
  • Industry sector
  • Time –  posted in the last minute, hour, day, week or fortnight
  • Seniority of the individual current position (Director, Manager etc)
  • By specific LinkedIN Group members
  • By update type – Shares, Profiles, Groups, Answers

By choosing as many or as few of these filters as I require, the results become incredibly valuable, insightful and useable. This is due to the power of what LinkedIn offers; insight into their professional identity: “How am I connected to this person or how can I become connected to this person”

Don’t forget to save the search to then revisit at any time and the search results will update automatically.

Whether you are looking to promote or sell goods or services, find a distributor partner, gain market awareness, conduct market research or even if you are targeting a new position to recruit for or apply for. Signal is the ideal tool to show the way!

LinkedIN refers to Signal as its “business intelligence dashboard”

To learn more about LinkedIN just speak with your account manager, book a place on the LinkedIN training workshop I run, or follow me here on this blog or via Twitter or Google+ for latest updates, tips and techniques related to LinkedIn.

As digital marketing agency Intergage’s LinkedIn expert it is my role to keep you informed and updated for all LinkedIn features and functionality.

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