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Google's New Era - Infographic

The era of the knowledge graph and artificial intelligence is upon us in a huge way...

Here's the deal.

Google gives you the most amazing tools and gadgets ever created by mankind, free of charge. It keeps inventing incredible new ways to become more useful to you and to provide tools that frankly, sound like science fiction, until you see them demonstrated and then you see that reality is where you thought science fiction was.

Google 30th septI presented on how Google is dealing with the world's challenges and the free tools they are giving us to use at a recent event at the IoD. "Mind blowing" was the most common word used in the event feedback.

So take a look again at Google's awesome technology - Intergage is presenting locally on a regular basis - but you will need to understand what the trade-off is.

Google gets to understand every aspect of its users lives and to learn
from their behaviour. The Google machine has evolved to become a huge artificial intelligence-powered learning machine.

Brain-Sep-30It understands people, places and things and the relationships between those things, thanks to the knowledge graph it has created. In search for example, it gets 3 billion opportunities a day to improve and refine how well it meets our needs. It does this by understanding the meaning of what we search for, not just the characters we use and comparing the results it serves with our behaviour - e.g. do we refine our search or engage with one of the results it provide?

By giving us ever more amazing tools to use in our personal lives and our businesses, Google is literally able to learn about who we are, where we work, who we are connected to, what our interests are, what our daily routines consist of and even gets to the stage where it can anticipate what we want before we know it ourselves.

Google technology is amazing. Most people today have no idea just HOW amazing it is. This incredible company is the world's "Big Brother" (albeit so far at least, a benevolent one) and is positioned to better understand the people of planet earth, better than any other business ever has.

Is there an alternative? Microsoft and Apple would have you believe so. The thing about machine learning however, is it is essentially a slow process relying on huge amounts of data and this means that the more users and the more data you can harvest from these users, the more intelligent your artificial intelligence becomes.

keyboard 30thGoogle simply has access to more users and more data than Apple and Microsoft and that gap is widening. 8/10 phones sold are Android devices. Chrome is the world's favourite browser and the Google search engine is so dominant in most parts of the world that it has become a verb in the language.  Microsoft may own the desktop and Apple the "Cool" device space, but it is Google that is best placed to understand our species best.

To understand more about the amazing technology Google is working on and the Google tools you can use today, you can request the presentations slides from the event. You can also call Intergage on 01202 684 009 or contact us online to arrange public speaking opportunities.

Below is an infographic on some of the facts of Google's new era and how technology will play a significant part in it. Click on the image to enlarge it.


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