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Google Offers - New Ad Extension

Google have taken Groupon head on with its latest AdWords update; Offer Extensions. This new extension allows search marketers to add a special offer to their PPC ad and ultimately increase the chance of their ad being clicked!

With click-through-rates a direct attribute to quality score, itself an attribute of ad position along with the ad’s bid, this new extension is an exciting announcement by Google.

The new feature is only available to accounts that have been upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns and only currently available to customers in the US. However a European rollout is inevitable and we’ll inform you when it happens.

How does the Offer Extension work?

For accounts that have been upgraded to enhanced the process is the same as any other extension. Click on the “Ad Extensions” tab, view Offer Extensions then +New Extension, +New offer.


Then this box will appear in which, as you can see, you can enter all of the details of your offer that will force users to go click crazy.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory but you should definitely ensure your Offer headline is eye-catching as this will appear below your ad when the offer is due to be distributed (and Google deem it worthy to the search query). The offer code is the barcode or text that your Point of Sale recognises.

Once you’ve clicked save your ad is ready. Here’s an idea of what an ad with the extension included might look like:


What happens when users click “View Offer”?

Upon clicking the offer the user will be taken to a landing page populated by Google. Here they can find more information (as noted by you in the “offer details” box) and the terms and conditions. The user can then print the offer for in store use or save to their “Google Offers” account for future action (great if they’re on their mobile device).

The great thing about this new functionality to adwords is that businesses (or the PPC consultants they use) are now able to track offline conversions – at least to some degree. You can now track how many users print and redeem your deal, so you can be sure of the success of an online ad campaign.

Will Google’s offering signal the death of Groupon?

Whilst Google’s new offer extension will undoubtedly alarm Groupon, it’s a way off putting the $3.6 billion valued company out of business.

However Google’s competition should set off some alarm bells for Groupon because once this is rolled out worldwide, and perhaps combined with local search and maps as part of G+ Local (imagine that!), then it could be unbeatable in terms of value and reach.

This new function, as with others such as Google’s Hotel Finder and Merchant Centre is yet another example of how fiercely Google will defend their burgeoning client base. Expect the competition to hot up over the coming months.

For more information on setting up the offer ad extension see Google’s support page here, or for help with your adwords account contact us today.

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