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Google Analytics Social Reporting

Begin to Understand Your Off Site Social Activity.

Google has recently partnered with a variety of social networks in order to provide us with activity data like +1s and comments – allowing us the ability to understand how our off-site content is being interacted with and shared.

Prominent partners include Google +, Blogger, Digg, Delicious and Reddit. For the full list visit the Social data Hub partners list.

Here you can understand which specific piece of content is driving social interest and engagement. Historically this kind of data has only been available through third-party tools which were either extremely expensive or frankly unreliable.

The report will display the URL of the specific content as well as +1s, shares, and comments which have happened off-site.


The Social Data hub and Google+ are fully integrated which allows the user an exciting breakdown of posts, shares, +1s within Google+ alongside a metric breakdown of specific posts.


Google Analytics have responded to the increased criticality of analysing marketing ROI by providing an increasingly sophisticated analysis tool and when it costs you nothing, it can’t be bad can it?

The Activity Stream…let’s get the criticisms out of the way first…absurdly the activity stream doesn’t include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook reporting (arguably the three platforms with the biggest clout) therefore you can only see the activity stream for the Data Hub partner networks.

The feature stops quite a bit short of being a fully functioning reporting and monitoring platform.

However what is great about this feature is that I can see who is responding to, engaging with and importantly sharing my content.


The Activity Stream is segmented by events and conversations. Conversations are content re-shares, comments and new posts and events are +1s, bookmarks, saves votes etc.

The stream offers the ability to view the specific page or post as well as the Google ripples it created…


The feature is real-time allowing you to see the very latest interactions and respond to customer complaints, questions, reviews etc. with just a click. From within the activity stream you can go straight to the specific interaction and respond as well as monitoring conversations about your content/business.

The only thing is, it’s pretty useless unless it reports on the most influential and popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Is it in their interest to share their data with Google? The obvious answer is no but we’ll have to wait and see…

If you would like more information about the Google Analytics, come along to our Google Tools training course or contact digital marketing agency Intergage on 0845 456 1022.

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