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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns - What Does This Mean For PPC Marketing?

The world of web marketing has been rocked by one of the biggest updates to Google AdWords since its creation!

Google has introduced Enhanced Campaigns to simplify PPC management by completely removing the need to target campaigns to mobile, desktop or tablet.

4514786253 5e52bec725feb13With this latest update users will be able to set bids at a baseline level and create bid adjustments to increase or decrease based on location, device type and time of day all within the same campaign.Currently advertisers tailor campaigns to target people differently, based on attributes such as location and device.

Google is highlighting these main features of the new update;

  • Simple budgets for the “multi-device world”: with bid adjustments you can manage your bids based on peoples’ location, time of day and device from the same campaign.
  • Customised Ad delivery: As somebody 1.3 miles away on a Saturday night may be searching for different information than somebody 5 miles away on their desktop at 9am, Enhanced Campaigns provides the ability to target an advert based on these factors. This means you can display different text, sitelinks, app downloads or extensions without having to edit your campaign.
  • Advanced conversion reports: Introducing the capability to track multiple conversion types including smartphone calls and app downloads within AdWords.

The shift is aimed at mobile advertising and the increasing importance of setting mobile specific campaigns. In an earlier blog post I highlighted the importance of mobile websites and mobile marketing. We know that mobile search has increased by 400% in a couple of years and that 90% of smartphone users search for local information.

Google have grouped together desktop and tablet whereas before they were treated as separate devices – this is because Google data has shown that behaviour and ad performance is similar on desktops and tablet and thus treated as one.

The baseline bid will apply to desktop and tablet and a mobile bid will be set as a multiplier of the desktop/tablet bid between -100% and +300%. If you didn’t want a mobile ad to show at all you would set the adjustment at -100% but we have little information about how we calculate the positive adjustment percentage.

We do need to provide websites and adverts specific to multi-device consumers but there is an element of trust which will be placed with Google (a profit-making machine) as to how our adverts are displayed and more importantly how much that will cost us!

But are Google forcing our hand? Are we moving forward in campaign targeting and the granularity that can be applied or have our options been reduced?

Unlike the majority of targeting updates within Google this is not one which will require your permission – all accounts that haven’t already adopted the new feature of Enhanced Campaigns will be automatically migrated by June 2013.

Although it’s an incredibly sophisticated feature which can adapt based on these features, I can’t help but wonder who stands to gain the most?

In theory this update will simplify the way web marketers create campaigns and will improve the reporting. However the main criticism is that we will suffer a loss of control and transparency and will the bid multiplier ultimately drive up our average CPC?

This will be rolling out for the next few weeks so I’ll give some feedback of my experiences shortly.

If you would like any further information, please contact Intergage on 0845 456 1022.

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