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Goals! Goals! Goals!

As part of the Intergage experience we in the client services team like to offer up advice on some of the simpler things to consider when it comes to checking the performance of your marketing efforts. If there is one thing that I come across far too regularly, it’s clients not making the most of goal tracking on Google Analytics.

Imagine spending £1,000,000 on a new striker for your football team but he scores no goals. In fact let’s take that a step further – imagine you don’t even watch the games but get a report saying he was on the pitch for 650 minutes this season. You don’t know if he has scored or played well, just that he was there.

15552301881 4c21aacebe oThat for me is the same as paying to get traffic to your website using Google Adwords without knowing the result. Which keyword works best? Which advert is the best performer? More importantly, which advert or keyword fails to perform at all.

Your site may convert visitors well but do you know if it paid, organic or referral traffic that is bringing in the bounty.

The world is a fast moving space these days so, yes sometimes we have to rely on a finger in the air to judge the direction of the wind. But when it comes to spending thousands of pounds on a web site, not to mention even more per year on pay per click advertising – analysing your return on investment is an absolute necessity.

James-Chetwode-e1399887507770Setting up goals on Google Analytics is can be a very simple process and will change the way you look at how you spend money on your digital marketing forever. And if you need more complex goal tracking or just help with the process in general – we can help.

Spending money on Adwords and other marketing action is all very well if the website receives lots of traffic, but what do those visitors do on the site? What do YOU want them to do. What are YOUR goals for a successful website visit. That is the key to understand the success of your efforts.

Do you want them to shop, download, read or sign up, the list could is endless and can be very industry specific.

Identify the action you want completed and in a few minutes you will be able to see where these visitors have come from, how much it cost to send them there – all in a free report available instantly.

Knowing your key conversion data and it’s associated costs will help you streamline your strategies for even greater success – both organic and paid.

Can you then get to the situation where you have no daily budget limit on your paid campaigns because you know exactly how much each conversion will cost? Nirvana is not far away.

If you have no goals set, why not give the client Services team at intergage a ring now and we can help you set up your first.

Read Intergage’s blog regularly to keep up with the latest Web marketing trends .

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