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Getting Your Team Behind Your Marketing Plan

Many companies have superb, well defined marketing plans, but this all falls apart without the backing and engagement of your team.

Ensuring that you have effectively communicated your plan and also engaged your team for their involvement is just as vital to Marketing Managers as the strategy itself.


Over the years, we have found several ways which really do work.

1.) Identify

Who do you need to talk to? This is usually made up of:

  • Your team/ staff
  • Tour Directors and Shareholders
  • Your customers
  • Your suppliers
  • The media
  • Your intermediaries

2.) Engage Them

People won’t get behind your plan unless they feel they are a part of it: Ask their opinion and invite their ideas…this will involve them in the planning rather than purely telling them what it is.

3.) Be Relentless

It’s important to involve your team regularly and constantly update them and ask their opinions. This is also your chance to remind hem of the importance of the plan.

4.) Allocated Roles

It’s obviously essential to give people specific tasks and roles within your marketing plan. But you can take this a step further by identifying passionate Ambassadors for different parts of the plan within each department.

5.) Say Thanks

If someone gets involved or supports with the marketing , show your appreciation and this will encourage others.

6.) Give Them Guidelines

A strong marketing plan and clear brand guidelines wild make it easier for the team to follow what you are doing and to stick to it.

7.) Audit

To ensure everyone is on board and being continuing with the marketing and the brand consistency, periodically audit them by asking them to show you examples of sales materials, quotes etc.

8.) Explain Why

Someone who understands the reasons and benefits behind the marketing will always be more engaged. Take time to educate them on marketing and why you are doing it, plus how it will benefit them or their department personally.

9.) Use Visual Management

Research shows that visual techniques work better to educate and persuade. Can you draw up a one page marketing plan or a chart of activities which can be displayed in the office?

For further advice on putting together a one page visual marketing plan, why not check out our marketing training course, The One Page Marketing Plan.

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