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Get Ahead Of The Game With Google Trends

After some recent client workshops, it was abundantly clear that there was a worry about when you should create content for specific topics in regards to your business.

There are very few industries which are lucky not to be affected by seasonal trends, and most of us will see fluctuations in business throughout the year.

Therefore it can be a tough to decide at what point you are going to publish your content online; whether that is a blog, white paper or even an infographic.

A perfect example of this is Valentine’s Day; let’s say I own a company which sells gifts for special occasions.

There is going to be demand at a certain time of year for heart shaped boxes of chocolates and teddy bears with love hearts.

If I am l going to make the most of the resources available to me, I would go onto Google Trends and type in a search term, for example ‘valentine’s day gifts’.

I would then alter the date range to see a 12 month overview (or whichever time range you wish), and then from this I would assess to see at which point users started looking for this content.

Here is an example outlined below;


As you can see I would ideally be creating content and uploading it just before the searches begin to take off.

So in this case, I would be looking to write content in December about Valentine’s Day gifts and then I would have that uploaded and ready to be indexed by Google.

This gives you the opportunity to provide yourself the opportunity to gain great visibility from the first search and will also help you to determine how affected your business is by seasonality.

This free tool is also a great way you can work out how to manage different content throughout the year, and although this is not a new tool many clients are yet to utilise it to its full potential.

If you would like to find out how Intergage can help your business, then please get in touch with Sam Fish on 0845 456 1022, alternatively please contact us.

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