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Facebook EdgeRank Scores: The Mysteries of the Glass Divide Solved

Have you ever noticed that you go on to one of your friend’s Facebook pages and see a status update that you haven’t seen before? But as an avid user you are sure this hasn’t been in your news feed, in fact you’re certain it hasn’t.

June132Well there is a valid reason as to why the twice removed cousin of your mother-in-law hasn’t made it into your news feed, and the answer is EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm. With all the capabilities Facebook has to offer and the growing number of friends we all seem to have, we would never be able to read every social action of every one of our friends. Therefore the clever techies at Facebook introduced the EdgeRank algorithm in order to keep our news feeds relevant, interesting and engaging. But the interesting thing is, it doesn’t just apply to you and me, oh no…this applies to brands and all.

Even though EdgeRank has been around for a while now, brands still seem a little confused on the ways in which they can improve their score and show up more often in your fans’ news feeds. So  I have decided to state what EdgeRank comprises and also provide five handy tips to help you improve your EdgeRank score.

So what is the EdgeRank algorithm? Simply put, it comprises:

  • The affinity score between viewing user and edge creator (aka content creator)
  • Weight of the edge type (create, comment, like, tag, share and so on)
  • Time decay factor which is concerned with how long ago the edge (content) was created.

So, how can my brand improve its EdgeRank score?

  • Regularity is important as EdgeRank takes time decay into great consideration, therefore regular updates are needed. However, they must still be engaging so avoid posting for no reason.
  • Don’t be too wordy, engagement is shown to be higher among content that is short and concise.
  • Think outside the 9-5, Facebook doesn’t just open up at 9am each morning and shut down at 5pm. Your user base is more likely to engage with social media outside office hours so scheduling updates has never been more important.
  • Keep your audience engaged, some good examples are ‘Mondays are (fill gap) because…’ photos and videos are also much better ways of engaging an audience.
  • Tell your fans what to do, tell them to like, share and comment on your content. The more the audience engages with the content, the higher the affinity score which will ultimately improve the EdgeRank score.

Around 16% of your fan base will see the edges (content) that you create from your brand page, but by creating more engagement and better quality engagement affinity, a higher EdgeRank score can be achieved. Matched with more regular updates and increased affinity, Facebook is an incredibly useful marketing tool.

For more information on how you can improve your Facebook presence, or to know more about what Facebook can do for your business, contact us at digital marketing agency Intergage on 0845 456 1022.

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