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Engage Now: Build A Better Twitter Following - Faster!

Growing a following on Twitter (or any other social media platform) takes effort. And it also involves something more.

Simply broadcasting all day long is not the answer. You need to engage.

But how?

Marketing using social media can feel a little overwhelming at first. You need a little nudge in the right direction. Who are the key members of your network? The influencers? The most engaged people?

Commun.it gives you that information at a glance. Data that digital agencies like Intergage adore!

Commun.it measures your engagement so you can make swift decisions, follow (or unfollow) people, tweet/thank them at a click and engage more readily.

Features include:

  • “Consider following/unfollowing” recommendations
  • New followers – (with a handy ‘thank them’ function), new unfollowers
  • Monitor engagement – based on your chosen websites, hashtags
  • Discover new leads (again via your chosen sites and hashtags)
  • Manage groups and import your lists from Twitter
  • Run reports based on your activity and engagement.

Being a freemium app, Commun.it gives you a starter package for free but charges if you want more:

  • Free – data for one Twitter profile only, three-day limit on reports, a limit of four websites/hashtags to monitor, a maximum of 30 weekly engaged members
  • Pro ($9.99/month) – data for three Twitter profiles, unlimited reports, unlimited numbers of websites/hashtags and engaged members
  • Business ($29.99/month) – data for 20 Twitter profiles, unlimited reports, websites/hashtags and engaged members.

Commun.it is by no means the only app to help you manage your Twitter following more easily. Nor is it the prettiest interface.

But it’s quick and easy to use. You can save time and target more leads.

And importantly, it will help nudge you deeper into engagement mode…far better than simply tweeting at the world in general (the online equivalent of howling at the moon).

Need more help to build your Twitter following? Want help with your Web marketing?

Phone or email Intergage’s Emma Barrow now…discover how we can help you.

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