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Email Newsletters - How Do You Compare?

When I first meet a new client who wants to improve their marketing, one of the primary questions I ask is if they are communicating with their existing database of customers or contacts.

phone 28thNewsletters, especially email versions, are such a cost effective and manageable way of communicating with your audience and staying front of mind.

According to ‘The 2015 UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report’, the UK average for open rates on email marketing / e-newsletter campaigns are:

Open rate: 22.87%

Click through rate: 3.26%

Unsubscribe rate: 0.53%

But how do you compare?

If you are using Mailchimp, Constant Contact or any of the widely available systems, there will be reporting which gives you the answers.

Here are a few tips for increasing your email campaign engagement:

It’s a conversation not a speech

Intergage BlueMan 28THEmail newsletters should be a way of engaging with your audience and interacting with them: Give them a chance to converse with you with feedback, competitions and client case studies.

Cleanse that data

Over time, some of your clients will have changed their emails or moved house or jobs: We recommend doing a data cleanse at least once a year to send out a campaign to ask them to update their details.

An incentive into a prize draw can encourage them to be responsive. It is also vital to delete those bounce backs and unsubscribers.

Add a bit of personality

However digital our world has become, people still engage with people. Add a section into your campaigns which shows your personality; be it a charity run your team are taking part in or an “Up Close and Personal” section on various team members.

Mix up your click throughs

Having smaller stories on your newsletter with a click through link to more information is the secret recipe for success. Not only does it keep the message simple and clear, it also allows you to see what people are interested in.

However, having the same click through to the same old web page each time will not keep their interest: Why not mix it up by linking them through to blogs or social profiles?

28TH BLUE MANGet creative with the headline

How many emails do you get in your inbox every single day? Well the ones that grab your attention usually have a great subject line.

Once you have prepared your email newsletter, think about the subject line that will appear in their inbox and make it personal to them.

Grab their attention at first sight

Most people’s inboxes will show only the glimpse of the top of the email in their preview box. If this doesn’t grab their attention and peak their interest, they will hit the dreaded ‘delete’ button.

Create some top line imagery and headlines that make them want to come back for more, using tools such as storytelling, humour, questions, images, cartoons, facts and figures, etc.

If you would like some experts to take care of your campaigns for you, you know where we are….

Contact us online or call us on 01202 684 009

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