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Eight Smart Ways To Beat The Google Double Whammy

Free rankings on Google don’t seem to be that free anymore. For some small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets, they can be prohibitively expensive.

All that link-earning work, all that content creation, all the time and money involved chasing a ranking that’s not guaranteed and is highly personalised to the searcher.

Little wonder that some smaller businesses simply cannot afford it. They struggle. Little by little they get priced out of the race. Their rankings slide and they lose heart.

So they turn to PPC to fill the missing keywords in their traffic-generating strategy. And Google – whilst it owes no-one a living – is not exactly weeping buckets about that.

But then some of the little guys discover they’re being priced out of paid search on Google too.

The PPC search terms they desperately need to be found for – their time-honoured cash-cow keywords – now cost too much per click.

This is the double whammy. No organic ranking. No PPC ranking.

So what do you do about it? Don’t despair. Don’t panic. Never Say Die.

  • Roll up your sleeves and get to work on conversion optimisation. Is your website working hard enough to turn the traffic you send it into gold? If not, why not? Fix your traffic leaks, boost your page conversion rates. Tune up your pages. Turn them into exciting and compelling experiences that encourage visitors to sign up and buy – time after time.
  • Do not give up on organic rankings. If time is short – and you don’t have the time or resources for blogging – at least continue to add high quality pages of vital information to your website. Use them to create keyword clusters of knowledge that cement you as a centre of authority (and prompt Google to fall in love with you again).
  • Online-October-15Pick your battles carefully – choose those you can win. We’ve always recommended this – but never more so than when you have a limited budget. Look at the search landscape, see what your competitors are doing…and do it better.
  • Don’t pull the plug on Pay per Click. There are cheaper ways of achieving success such as optimising your PPC to max your keyword quality scores and reduce cost/click. Bid less on your high cost/click keywords. You may not get as many conversions but when your keywords do convert they could do so with a better Return On Investment. And remember – 50 per cent of something is usually better than 100 per cent of nothing.
  • Don’t forget – Google is not the only PPC game in town. Bing and Yahoo also offer pay per click but don’t invest too much time there. Traffic levels are far lower than Google.
  • Local search – do not neglect your Google My Business map rankings if you’re a business that depends on local trade. Actively seek reviews and name-address-phone number citations that will boost and underpin your local rankings. 
  • Deliver superb customer service and actively seek referrals. Carry out promotions and competitions that boost the number and quality of your referrals. Don’t wait for them to happen. Make them happen!
  • Try social media advertising (but don’t bet the farm on it) – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all offer platforms. Potential engagement if users click…free branding if they don’t!

By now there are probably lightbulbs going off in your head – the kind that flash messages in Morse such as “what if I tried …?”

There should be another one flashing too. One that says: “Hey, why wait for the double whammy? I should be doing all this stuff anyway!”

Yes, you should – so what’s stopping you?

Nothing! It’s all about giving you a solid Return On Investment – so contact our expert team at Intergage and ask about our Digital Audits. We’ll diagnose your website issues and show you how to fix them.

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