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Do Your Landing Pages Need A Beauty Makeover?

There are many reasons why a click doesn’t always convert into a sale or lead – perhaps the visitor was still in research mode, a pesky competitor could be scoping you out or the click may even have been an accident! But at digital marketing agency. Intergage, we believe that more often than not, there is an obvious reason behind low conversion rates.. If you spend every month scratching your head about high Pay Per Click costs, expensive SEO contracts and precious few leads – then it could be that your landing pages are in dire need of a beauty makeover!

It is absolutely essential that your landing pages be a direct reflection of the copy used in your natural listings and PPC adverts. If you highlight a special offer in your advert then ensure that this is placed prominently on the page. If you make mention of a video then be sure to have an attractive call to action button to encourage visitors to play it. If your page doesn’t share the attributes of what the visitor is looking for, or what you have promised them in the advert, then unsurprisingly, they will quickly leave your site and head for a competitor!

Every Webmaster should have a clear idea of the kind of visitor behaviour they deem to be valuable – perhaps a download, newsletter subscription, video play or more obvious conversions such as email leads and ecommerce transactions. Once you are aware of these actions, make sure that you make it as easy as possible for your visitors to complete them. Each landing page should feature a clear call to action so that you can herd your traffic towards that crucial conversion!

There are many landing page sins which we see frequently repeated on even the most professional of sites – the lack of a prominent contact us page or call to action button, no telephone number clearly displayed, chunks of off-putting text rather than precise bullet pointed information and very few strategically placed hyperlinks to name but a few!

The most successful Webmasters are those who have a complete understanding of who their audience is and what they want. How do they get this understanding? Well, one of the most effective ways is to conduct an A/B split test between two versions of a landing page and learn from the results – even the slightest difference in layout or language can make the biggest impact to your bottom line!

So the next time you find yourself scratching your head about low conversion rates – don’t just assume that your visitors are simply in “research mode” or just “not ready to buy yet” – take control and give your landing pages a good spring clean! Can you transform your profits with just a few hours of landing page optimization? The answer is hell yes!

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