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Disk Imaging - Say Goodbye To The Tedium Of Reinstalling PC's From Scratch.

Keeping backed up copies of data is fine, but what happens when your computer’s hard disk stops working?

tdA computer is just a large amount of data, which can be backed up, stored and retrieved when necessary. Creating a backup copy of a computer is called disk imaging, making an exact copy of the computer, compressing it and storing it on another machine. The process of making an image may take a few hours but dependent on the software you’re using, it can be done over your local network. Once set off, it can be safely left to run overnight.

This simple process can save you a lot of time. If you had to re-install a computer from scratch you would have to configure all the settings, install the programs and also the user accounts. Restoring from a previously saved image does all of those things quicker and doesn’t involve a system admin coming over every 5 minutes to start the next thing off.

Unfortunately there are downsides to computer imaging. Mainly the images are big and will have to be stored somewhere. Secondly, over time the stored image gets out of date, meaning you have to update it with any new settings changes and software updates, which takes time.

So let us get to the facts!

  • Disk imaging has a long setup time and requires updating every 6-12 months, but saves a lot of time when something goes wrong!
  • It can quickly return a computer to a stable state if it is having software problems or been infected by a virus
  • If you have multiple machines of the same hardware specifications you can have a master copy. This allows you to roll out identical settings on all of those machines, or set up new machines quickly, only having to change the computers name and licence codes!

We find this such a reliable technique that it is used on all Intergage computers, ensuring the safety of our data and sanity if anything were to go wrong!

For more information on how to keep your files safe, watch out for our blog on backups, coming soon.

For information on the services we offer, click here to find out more, or call us on 0845 456 1022

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