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Desktop RSS Readers - Dead or Alive?

RSS Readers are a common part of many peoples daily routine in both the workplace and at home.  In fact, they are an absolute necessity! How else can we possibly expect to keep abreast of the abundance of information on the Web?

RSS Readers fall into many categories and should be chosen according to an individual’s needs. For example, an iPad user, blogger, Mac or windows user may all decide to opt for a different type of RSS Reader.

However, one of the most disputed arguments focuses around the advantages of using a desktop reader as opposed to one which is web based.

Many believe that Web based RSS readers such as Google Reader are by far the best choice as they allow users to access subscriptions from multiple platforms and don’t need to be installed.

In my opinion, the argument shouldn’t come down to an ultimate winner but rather understanding the benefits of each and making your choice based upon your personal needs.

The benefits of a Web based RSS reader such as Google Reader include:

  • Access from any platform with an internet connection
  • No storage required for archiving subscriptions
  • Great Keyboard Short cuts to save time
  • Integration with other Google products

However, for the intrepid traveller who is often on a plane or train, Web based RSS readers fall short as they cannot function without an internet connection. So what is the solution?

I have good news! It is possible to have the best of both worlds. In 2009, the hugely popular desktop RSS reader Feed Demon synchronised with Web based Google Reader so that RSS subscriptions could be read in either platform and changes made to feed items in one would automatically transfer to the other – saving time and increasing efficiency!

Other desktop RSS feeds that sync with Google reader are Scoop and RSS Bandit.

If you would like to know more about RSS or any other aspect of digital marketing then please call the friendly team at Intergage on 0845 456 1022 and we will be delighted to help!

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