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Creativity, Collaboration & Culture - how embracing the 3 "C's" will transform any company - 1 of 3

A recent conversation with a post graduate got me thinking about the value of collaborative creativity, not just in agencies but other businesses too.

Music-October-6You see, I am not your outwardly stereotypical creative and I don’t mean the obvious clichéd characteristics that are often associated with artistic people such as wacky, bohemian, a bit ‘out there’ – I mean I really don’t possess the basics. I can’t draw, I really can’t sing and I am definitely not musical.  Having come from a family of very creative people (mostly musicians) you can imagine my parents’ dismay when, after countless lessons, I still didn’t pick up the guitar, the flute, the piano, (they kept trying). I am totally tone deaf and I remember getting detention at school when my teacher found out I had been tracing my ‘artwork’ from a colouring book. It’s fair to say my four

-year-old son’s artistic capabilities far outweigh mine (thank goodness).

So, does this mean I am not creative? That I wasn’t ‘born’ with it? No, in fact I consider myself to be a very creative individual. In these three posts I want to debate the myths surrounding creativity and argue that the ability to problem solve and think creatively manifests itself in an abundance of people across a multitude of roles. By embracing the three “C’s” every business (not just agencies) will become more competitive, more profitable and employees will feel more engaged, valued and empowered as a result.


Firstly, we need to challenge the notion that creativity should be left to a certain group of individuals within a business. This very act would mean dismissing many individuals within an organisation who hold the attributes and characteristics associated with the ability to pursue original thought. In agency land – this could mean a developer inventing a groundbreaking piece of code (a master of his own art), a digital marketing executive creating an innovative piece of content for a client – all have the ability to problem solve and their input would be hugely valuable when tackling any challenge within an organisation. 

6th creativityLet’s look at the definition of creativity; ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness’. Or, according to Wikipedia “a phenomenon whereby something valuable is created”.  The point is, true creativity transcends stereotypes and that highly creative people can be found in all domains across all sectors. We need to look beyond the obvious, including the way in which we define ourselves.

In my next post I will be talking about the next ‘C’ – the importance of Collaboration.

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