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Challenge your Intergage Account Manager

Here at digital marketing agency Intergage, every one of our clients is assigned an Account Manager, who is responsible for a whole plethora of elements related to a client’s website.

Intergage clients are entitled to and actively encouraged, by their Account Manager, to undertake a website review, at least every 6 to 12 months. To understand what a website review is and why every client should use this free website review service. See a previous blog that Gary Trudgett wrote on the subject of website reviews (http://bit.ly/qoaxit).

But aside from reviewing your existing website design, functionality and navigation, an Intergage Account Manager can advise, assist or discuss with you directly, on any of the following elements:

  • Training workshops you could attend
  • Why Social Media should be important to your digital marketing plans
  • How to make your website work harder and better
  • Performance of website as a whole as well as elements of individual pages
  • Customer journey and why SEO is important to your website
  • New developments within the wonderful world of digital marketing
  • CMS (Content Management System) updates and “how to” guidance
  • Intergage seminar details, bookings and reasons to attend

The title of this blog is “Challenge your account manager!” So why not contact your Account Manager and book a website review with the challenge and understanding that he or she will review your existing website and propose at least three improvements you could make to your existing website at ZERO cost to you.

Website reviews are not an Intergage sales pitch to sell a new website; they are purely customer service, to ensure your current website is working to its fullest ability and capacity.

Challenge your Account Manager today and put Intergage to the test. Simply call 0845 456 1022 or email clientservices@intergage.co.uk to speak with any of our Account Managers – Jim, Dawn, Gary or Duncan.

If you don’t know who your Account Manager is, then a quick email or telephone call to any Intergager and they can tell you instantly. It really is that simple!

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