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Boost the ROI of Your Search Adverts With Remarketing (RLSAs)

If you haven’t come across remarketing before, it’s a powerful way to advertise to potential customers who’ve already visited your website.

It’s safe to assume most of your site visitors have a level of interest in your products or services. Therefore, remarketing allows you to display your messages to pre-qualified individuals – something that most advertising channels just don’t offer.

digital-catapult 10thHow Does It Work?

Remarketing works by setting up audiences (lists). These are simply groups of visitors to your site who have behaved in a specific way. For example, you may set up an audience for all visitors to your site or perhaps those who’ve visited specific parts of your site, such as product pages or the contact page.

More strategically, you could remarket to users who have abandoned a shopping cart before a purchase or even target converted users with ads displaying other items/services they may be interested in.

Remarketing is typically used across the Google Display Network, showing image based adverts on websites signed up to Google AdSense. However remarketing lists can be used to great effect to boost the performance of your search adverts (remarketing lists for search ads aka RLSAs).

How Can You Use RLSAs?

Here’s three main ways to utilise remarketing lists for your search adverts:

Bid adjustments – Adwords allows you to increase your bids to users in your remarketing lists. So if your ads are languishing in positions 4+, you might consider committing a little more budget to users who’ve already interacted with your site because we know they are more likely to convert – assuming your website is in good condition.

Ad text – Knowing the audience you’re advertising to have seen your website and products/services already it is extremely useful to create tailored and highly relevant adverts. Adjusting the language you use based on this information can drastically increase your click-through rates.

Exclude – In some instances you can avoid unnecessary expenditure from users who have been to your site and converted already. A remarketing list for converted users can help you prevent your ad from showing to repeat visitors which is particularly useful for lead generation sites.

Binary-Code-March-10How To Set Up Remarketing

In order to set remarketing up, you’ll need to add a code snippet to your site as well as creating an audience from within the Adwords or Google Analytics interface. This isn’t always a simple process, particularly if you’re creating more advanced lists.

But don’t worry, as always we’re on hand to guide you through the process. Remarketing can really increase your online ROI, so if you think this approach could work for you, just get in touch!

For more information on remarketing or any of our paid advertising services call us on 01202 684 009 or contact us online.

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