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Audience Acumen - Two Dangerous Phrases

In the last 'Audience Acumen' blog, I focused primarily on the psychology of prospects. This time, I will be looking at the two key phrases that you should be avoiding at all costs.

"But It Has Always Been Done That Way"

Intergage MarketingJourney Illustration13-300x228This popular phrase is typical of someone who is having difficulty seeing the value of change. This can be something substantial, such as a complete logo change, or even just the design of a sales proposal.

Something having always been that way doesn't automatically make it 'right'. A better understanding and compelling explanation about why this is the most effective method must always be considered.

To expand on my example of the sales proposal template, you need to look at it and consider:

  • Is this an accurate reflection of the company?
  • Is the branding still consistent with any newer collateral?
  • Does it clearly break down the information I'm trying to communicate?

When looking at your company's processes, you must determine whether it is still achieving the goal in the most effective way. This allows the business to continually grow from strength to strength.

"It's fine, no one will notice"

Intergage MarketingJourney Illustration07-300x254Someone will always notice. You often hear this phrase uttered when there is a small error or idiosyncrasy (such a slight colour shift on printed material). Inconsistent brand colours can run the risk of diluting the brand and making it less identifiable.

The context will always determine whether someone will comment or not.

For example, I often spot typos in magazines or news articles, though I wouldn't comment because I understand that it is often due to their immense workload and demanding time constraints.

However, if I spot a typo on a website, brochure or even a leaflet, I'm going to question the quality of all work they produce.

Customers are always going to notice small changes. Spotify's new shade of green and typography changes to Facebook and Google's logos show the huge reaction and media buzz generated by such small changes.

It is often said that if you justify something once, it's easier to justify again, but if you have clear brand guidelines in place or perform regular brand audits, you can ensure your brand is presented in the best possible way.

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