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A Responsive World [Infographic]

The way that we, as consumers, are surfing the Internet has changed dramatically over recent years. We are living in a very impatient era. With the power to access the world's information at our finger tips, we have grown to expect and require it instantly.

We no longer have time to spend awkwardly zooming into a web page and navigating through the inadequately sized buttons on mobile devices.

Google, often seen as the Internet to many people, was obviously going to be the first to spot these changing habits - leading to new search algorithms being developed to penalise sites that aren't seen as mobile friendly.

Earlier in April 2015, Google introduced its latest mobile search algorithm update to include "mobile-friendliness" as a ranking factor for websites.

But what does this mean?

When searching on a mobile device, the latest algorithm update means that mobile-friendly websites will appear much higher in your search results than those that aren't mobile-friendly.

How does it affect my business?

Over 50% of Google searches are now conducted via a mobile device. If you are providing a service or product that is likely to be searched using a mobile device - this could lead to a huge amount of lost business.

This percentage isn't looking to come down any time soon. A record shattering $96bn worth of smartphones were sold in the first quarter of 2015. That's just over $12,000 worth of smartphones every second through January, February and March of this year.

80% of Internet users now own a smartphone, with many using other smart devices such as tablets and wearables.

We have put together the following infographic, allowing you to better understand the latest Google algorithm update and how Intergage can help you to become a part of the responsive world.

A-Responsive-World-Infographic-2-RGB (1)

Click here to find out more and to view a selection of our individual case studies - giving you great insight into the challenges that we faced and how these were overcome.

You can also contact us by calling 01202 684 009 or online.

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