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A Business Love (Actually) Story

ct-video-300x168Every relationship that endures has to face tests. Sometimes those tests can be heartbreaking. Discover how a broken hearted marketing agency created a video love letter for a much loved client it had lost. What happened next was amazing...

CT Production in Poole is a terrific business. With a new, ambitious, management team in place, it was looking forward and evaluating its options. It had a long term relationship with a marketing agency called Intergage - a company passionate about marketing and customer care and eager to do more for them.

The time had come to re-vamp the CT website and Intergage was excited.

Intergage - recognising a new spirit of adventure in the business, was keen to work with the new CT team to take the company forward. But at the last moment it had some terrible news.

CT had selected an alternative supplier. The Intergage team was devastated. It created the following video love letter without hope or expectation...

The CT team had engaged with a new potential supplier but they were missing the Intergage team. Much to the delight of Intergage, CT created its own video response the very next day...

To which, naturally, Intergage responded....

Moral of the story?

Never give up on customer love people.  It's a beautiful thing.

Take a look at more of our work and glowing testimonials on our website! If you'd like to learn more about Intergage, contact our friendly client services team or give us a call on 01202 684 009.

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