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9 Things I'd Want To Be Told If I Had A Website

When I started in the business of Digital Marketing (some 17 years ago), creating and maintaining an online presence was a relatively simple job.

Today, creating a successful online presence for your business requires a multi-disciplined approach, both to create demand and to keep new visitors coming to your website.

The user’s expectations, devices they use, platforms they frequent and attention span have altered so radically that it is virtually impossible to stay abreast of these developments.

With that in mind I thought it would be useful to list what I consider to be the Top 9 most important factors of website ownership.

Intergage MarketingJourney 3rdResponsive Website

Guess what? Lots of people own smartphones and tablets and they use them to access websites. If your website does not display well on these devices you are alienating a huge percentage of your website visitors.

Analytics, Goals & Web Master Tools

The number of sites I see that do not have Analytics Software set up correctly and are not monitoring meaningful goals on their website staggers me.  Understanding your traffic by source and segment, device and interaction is crucial to improving your site’s performance.

Set up Google Webmaster tools on your site and hook it up to analytics. Why would you not want to know what Google thinks about your site? It reveals so much about the health of your site, how it appears in search and gives you the knowledge to understand what will help you.

Campaign Tracking

Online marketing, off-line marketing and social interactions make measurement tough. The advent of tablets and smartphones means that more often than not there are multiple touch points across multiple devices before a lead is generated.

Somehow you need to understand how to manage this, campaign tracking and attribution modelling can help you.

3rd-ChildrenUnderstand Your Audience

Who are your audience, what do they want and where do they hang out? Getting to grips with how and when your target market wants to interact with you is a vital step in achieving your goals.

Content Marketing Plan

Once you know who your audience are, devise a content marketing plan for them. This plan can cover online and off-line and should tie in with special events, launches, seasonality and special diary dates. Making sure you communicate your message at every touch point along the user’s journey.

Every Communication Should Have A Goal

Whether it’s a page on your Website, in your social interactions or via traditional marketing, make sure it has a preferred desired outcome, both for you and your user.

Social Strategy

Companies should focus more on how to BE social, and less on how to DO social media. Through understanding your audience, find a reason to BE social and communicate in a way that is meaningful, engaging, helpful and honest.

Paid Search

Paid Advertising is a fantastic tool for highly targeted messaging. Whether it is within Search to target those currently looking or in Social targeted at your desired demographic, or remarketing for those who have already expressed an interest.  Use it wisely and planning 3rdprecisely to a set of ROI based KPI’s.

Have a Plan & Budget

Pull everything together with a plan to meet your business goals. Have a realistic budget and realistic outcomes. See our Marketing Journey.

Think you could use a helping hand? Just give us a call on 01202 684 009 or contact us online, and we’ll get back to you.

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