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5 Facebook Business Tips To Help You Succeed Online!

After a fantastic webinar with the infamous Amy Porterfield, I thought I would share some of the tips she gave away.

I also thought it would be good to share some of the tips that I feel are most important when considering your Facebook presence.

June132Tip number 1: Make your cover photo actionable

Facebook have recently scrapped their rules on not being able to put calls to actions and sales messages within the cover photo.

This gives us free reign to optimise our Facebook in the best way possible, by providing users targeted messages in a non-invasive manner.

Remember that the 20% rule still applies with only 20% of a cover photo being allowed as text, this means we need to get clever with our cover photos!

Make sure you direct your traffic, if you want them to complete a specific action then tell them!

Tip number 2: Advertise your business via check ins

If you have a physical business presence and don’t already have a Facebook check in then you really need to get one, encouraging your users to check in to your premises is great publicity.

Not only are users effectively endorsing you when they check in, they are also endorsing you to all of their friends which is great brand exposure.

The best thing about check ins are that they arrive organically in a user’s news feed, automatically from a user perspective this looks more important and less spammy.

Tip number 3: Keep in contact

Remember that we all have work to do, and therefore generally won’t be on Facebook between the hours of 9-5.

Scheduling posts on Facebook is an effective way to update your Facebook profile when you’re logged off, but your audience is logged on and ready to engage.

Scheduling posts however can be a double edge sword. Don’t forget to be active in real time, otherwise you won’t be able to start conversations or respond to users.

Tip number 4: Effective tab management

Effective tab management can totally transform the look and feel of a brand page; therefore you should have the tabs you want users to view in the most optimum position on that page.

If users are engaging with your photos the most then make sure your photo tab is sitting strategically on the bar, users don’t want to have to look extensively for content.

Tip number 5: Get a Facebook image strategy

The greatest thing about social media is how visual and engaging it can be, remember the old saying ‘A picture speaks a thousand words?’ it’s even more relevant on social media.

Make sure that not only are your posts relevant, but make them wonderfully visual as this will foster the most engagement from your fan base.

Photos generate 53% more likes which Facebook views as engagement; the more engagement you receive the more you will show up in your fans newsfeeds.

Follow these simple tips to see your Facebook sky rocket into success, or alternatively contact our Marketing Manager Emma Barrow on 9845 456 1022 to find out how we can help you with your Facebook.

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