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3 Tips to Improve Team Motivation

Calling all Marketing Managers and Directors!

January is the most important month to give your business a flying start through the year, however, many of your staff may be feeling demotivated and a little deflated after the festive period. We have the ideal solution for you to keep your team motivated and it only takes three steps.

DSC01904-300x200Make Yourself Available

Making yourself available to your team is incredibly important to their motivation. If they need help closing a deal, or are struggling to get to grips with a project, make yourself available to coach and assist them. Similarly, ensure you are always there to praise your staff when they meet or exceed their targets.

The training journal suggests that employees who receive regular praise are more productive, engaged and more inclined to remain with an organisation. Also, make yourself available to listen to their ideas. In doing so, you will find your team becoming much more engaged as they are able to voice their own opinions.

Team Building and Communication

Getting your workforce together regularly to communicate information, or just to have fun can be a great way to keep them motivated. It keeps all members of the team well connected and allows your staff to mingle and talk about their ideas. Casual weekly or monthly meetings or outings can be a great way to do this.

DSC03753-300x200Create Incentives

Giving your workforce something to work towards can really build upon their engagement and motivation. These don't have to be monetary. By introducing schemes such as Employee Of The Month, offering afternoons off for achieving goals, or by creating a more stimulating work environment, engagement within the team is sure to increase. Career promotions can be used in a similar way and also act as a productive incentive.

Taking these steps will ensure you have a well ordered and motivated workforce, allowing you to reach your sales targets and effectively implement your marketing strategies.

If you would like to talk to us about organising a team event or embedding internal values, contact us online or give us a call on 01202 684 009 to have a chat over coffee.

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