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3 Google Analytics Insights You Might Be Missing...

Google Analytics is a power house of diagnostic tools. It can help you find out almost everything there is to know about the incoming traffic to your website and what it does when it gets there.

Analytics is such a monster that lots of people only skim the surface of what it’s capable of. So here are three sections you might not use at the moment, but could give you a very handy insight in to your site traffic.

In-page Analytics – This section gives a real time picture of how users navigate your pages. This can be loaded from within Analytics or in a full browser view. It gives the total number of clicks on the links on your respective pages and offers a click through rate based on the total number of sessions on that page.

Digital-Audit-January-15It’s great for understanding user behaviour and testing the layout of your website – It reports if they’re clicking where they should, and if you need to change things to improve conversion rate.

If you want to get the most out of your in-page report, ensure you’ve turned on “Enhanced Link Attribution” in your property settings. Enhanced Link Attribution allows clicks on different links pointing to the same page to be counted separately. This gives a better understanding of user behaviour. This also requires a slight adjustment to your analytics code, find out more about this here.

Experiments – Optimising your site to get the most conversions is not an exact science. Despite all the best practice advice out there, testing one page layout vs another is the only way you’ll get a genuine idea of what really does improve conversion rate.

The Experiments section allows you to do just this. By adding some code to each page and setting it up within Analytics, your users will be shown each page 50% of the time. After a period of time, you can assess the engagement and conversion stats and decide exactly which layout works best and improve your overall conversion rate.

Multi-Channel Funnels – For those of you whose customers have a longer buying cycle, this little section of Analytics is a goldmine of user behaviour information. It gives insights about users that come to your site multiple times before they convert.

conversion 15thYou can find it in the conversions section and it offers a wide range of data such as:

  • Time between first visit and conversion
  • Number of visits to the site before converting
  • The traffic channels they’ve used to return to your site each time since their first visit

The great thing about this section is that you can find out which traffic channels are really working even if they aren’t attributed to the end conversion. Use this section to understand the number of visitors and where they come from before they convert. This way, you can refine your messaging and content to shorten their buying cycle and improve conversion rate.

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