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2015 Social Media Predictions

It’s been a busy year in the world of social media, and of course 2015 will be no different with many rumoured changes to our favourite platforms on the horizon.

To help you get your head around what to look out for and expect this year, we’ve read as many industry reports as possible and combined it with our own ideas to create our very own 2015 Social Media Predictions!

In 2014 we saw Snapchat and Instagram really take off. Snapchat, the new kid on the block, grew by 56%, whereas Instagram overtook Twitter in terms of size, now with more than 300 million active users (compared to Twitter’s 284 million).

Social-Media-January-6Both of the above mentioned platforms are image based sites, which really highlights the importance of creating unique and eye-catching photos and graphics to captivate your audience – it truly is what they are looking for now and the statistics don’t lie!

Something else we saw was an increase in video plays on Facebook, which actually overtook YouTube (when comparing plays on a desktop). Now this is an occasion where the statistics can be slightly misleading.

When this news broke, a lot of people assumed YouTube was on its way out, however this is very much due to Facebook’s decision to introduce ‘Auto-play’ on its videos; meaning all content would automatically play when on the users newsfeed. We suggest sticking with YouTube, and sharing your content on Facebook to increase views.

While on the topic of Facebook, in 2014 we saw the continued reduction in organic reach for businesses. On average a post from a business page would organically reach 2% of the page’s fans.

This month Facebook is implementing newsfeed algorithm changes to ensure that only the most engaging and relevant posts are shared on newsfeeds – this is founder Mark Zuckerberg’s way of making sure that the platform stays focused on those it is aiming to serve – its users.

To increase the reach of your posts, share content which will genuinely help your audience – move away from the shameless self-promotion and get interested in those who are interested in you.

card 6thAnother 2015 trend will most likely be Social-Commerce. This is a feature both Facebook and Twitter have trialed; it allows users to buy products or services from a business without leaving the platform through social advertising through a ‘Buy’ button. It will be interesting to see how this one takes off!

On Twitter we are expecting to see a change in the newsfeed, which will move away from its traditional chronological order from the top down. Instead, there have been a few sightings of a summary called ‘While you were Away’ on the newsfeed when a user logs back in.

This rumour is in its infancy, but if it becomes a reality, we will of course see an influx in specifically designed tweets to meet the criteria to land in that box – as it will certainly increase engagement!

YouTube-Januray-6Finally we can’t talk about 2015 predictions without mentioning YouTube. With YouTubers seeing a meteoric rise in their online fan base in the year just gone, we highly suggest you find out more and keep your ear to the ground. Video content is incredibly compelling, so you should grab any opportunity you can. Find out more about what we’re talking about here.

Overall I believe we’re going to see a rise in paid social advertising as businesses start to realise it can be effective in pushing visitors to a website, equally effective in fact as it is in increasing your presence on that particular platform.

PPC on Adwords can sometimes be unaffordable for a business, but social advertising is a feasible second option. This is something we discussed in a previous blog.

Finally, 2015 should be your opportunity to create great content – as that is what is going to ever improve your social influence. Social media should be a part of your content marketing and overall marketing strategy – and certainly not something you just use to talk about your company news.

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