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10 Great Places Your Digital Marketing Agency Uses Keywords...And So Should You

Roan-AKeywords are the lifeblood of web marketing but are you making maximum use of them? Thinking like a digital marketing agency can help you to get the best out of your keywords.

Check out this list of 10 great places to lever value out of your keywords…


Work your keywords into your tweets so they’re more readily found.

Not just in Twitter search engines but also via apps like Hootsuite, which lets you track tweets featuring chosen keywords (and also tweet to multiple accounts simultaneously).


URL shorteners are a vital tweeting tool and the big daddy is Bit.ly.

Not only does it let you see how many people browsed your link but it also enables you to customise your shortened URLs.

So instead of seeing http://bit.ly/8Yw0zx, you get http://bit.ly/SEO_Experts

There is no guarantee that it will be more readily found in real time search which is still pretty basic.

But which link are you more likely to click – random numbers and letters or one that stands out from all the others because it contains the keyword your searcher typed?

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites such as Digg are a good way to boost traffic to your site. And those with ‘follow’ can provide high quality inbound links.

Make your bookmarks more findable by using your keywords in their titles and tags.

Some bookmarks, such as Stumbleupon, will take their titles directly from your meta titles – so make sure they’re optimised properly!

Press Releases

Digital press releases add relevant topical content to your site and create important internal and inbound links to key pages.

Using the right keywords on press release submission services such as PRWeb is vital if you are to maximise read numbers.

Get those keywords into the headline, summary, text and photo alt tags.

As a digital marketing agency, Intergage has worked extensively with PRWeb and can help you to write and post releases.

Your Blog

Writing is a joy but hammering out blog after blog can be frustrating if no-one reads them – and no-one will if they can’t find them.

So make sure those keywords are in headlines, main body copy, alt tags, sub-headings and useful links.

YouTube Videos

Getting your compelling sales and news videos on this vital search engine means ensuring your keywords are in the titles, descriptions and tags.

Video has always been a powerful sales medium…and never more so when coupled with search marketing.

In The Right PPC Ad Groups…

You can’t beat granularity when it comes to PPC. Separate your singulars and plurals for maximum effect.

Not only can it benefit your Quality Score but it makes judging ad group performance much easier.

Why? Well, if one keyword shows 0 conversions after 15 clicks, you’re going to let it run until it proves itself.

But what if your adgroup contains only one keyword term in three matches – broad, phrase and exact?

And collectively they add up to 60 clicks and 0 conversions…for the same search term?

You need to pause that ad group and pronto.

Throughout Your PPC Ads

Getting your keyword in the title of your PPC ads is a no-brainer.

But are they in the ad text and display URL as well? Your keyword text will show up in bold when searchers type it in.

And is your keyword your PPC destination URL too? Direct users to a dedicated page written for that keyword for maximum conversions, a potential 10/10 Quality Score and a lower cost/click.

Web Pages

OK, you probably know the drill by now but a reminder never hurts – tighten up the SEO on your pages and get those keywords where they belong:

  • Meta title
  • Description
  • Filename (smart page name)
  • Headings/headlines (H1)
  • Subheadings (H2)
  • Main text
  • Alt tags
  • Inbound links.

A Notepad By Your Bed

Inspiration can strike at the weirdest times, sometimes at 3am when you wake up thinking about Web marketing.

Seize the moment. Scribble down those keyword ideas so you’re ready to hit the ground running when the alarm goes off.

This list is by no means exhaustive, merely an appetiser…

For more information, email your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing agency Intergage or phone us on 0845 456 1022.

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