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10 Commandments Of Effective Website Design

So much of success in any venture is down to preparation. Chances are you want to build a website to get found on search engines when somebody types the keywords and phrases that describe your business or your services. This means you’ll need to build the website around the keywords you have researched and focus on creating clear visitor paths through your site.

The social Web may be where you hang out but your website is where you do business. It lists your services and prices and offers free sales consultations for the right type of work but integrates with the cool social platforms where you and your customers hang out.

Here are 10 commandments of effective website design that we consider the ground rules for launching an effective Web presence.

  • You begin with an end in mind – you know what success will look like and you have clear, written goals before you start
  • You have differentiated yourself from the crowd in at least one simple way. Find a way to be remembered. It is unlikely that yours will be the only site a visitor finds so work hard on being different.
  • You have profiled your target customer. Who are they? What do they want? What questions will they have? What concerns will they have? What are they really buying?
  • You have thought about the path through the website you want the visitor to take and make that path very easy to follow
  • Your design is simple and clutter free and it’s not built entirely in Flash – which looks great but cannot be understood  easily by search engines
  • You can update it easily with news, new examples of your work and new pages
  • You can easily create new pages, edit your page names and meta data – titles, descriptions, tags or keywords
  • You have made it very easy for your visitors to engage with you in their favourite social network and share your content with friends and family easily
  • You plug in Google’s free analytics tool (Google Analytics) from day one and measure the effect of your various online promotions
  • You prioritise and make changes one at a time and measure the improvements the changes make.

Here at digital marketing agency, Intergage, we have a team of design specialists who create user friendly websites with conversion in mind. If you are thinking about starting a website project why not give us a call on 0845 456 1022 and find out how we can help you.

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